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This is it. Vega Jane's time. She's been lied to her whole life, so she breaks away from Wormwood, the only home she's ever known, in search of the truth. She battles horrors to fight her way across the Quag with her best friend, Delph, and her mysterious canine, Harry Two. Against all odds, they survive unimaginable dangers and make it through.

Ages 8-10

If you love animals, check out the Vet Volunteers series, which follows five friends who volunteer their time at the Wild At Heart Clinic. They learn to care for everything from dogs and cats to lizards and manatees.

Ages 8-12

Voyagers follow kids’ intergalactic missions to find one of six essential elements that, when properly combined, will create a new power source to save the planet. The elements are scattered across mysterious planets and only a spaceship piloted by children can reach them and return to earth safely.