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Jake the Fake Written by Craig Robinson and Adam Mansbach with illustrations by Keith Knight
Children and Ages 8-12

Jake can barely play an instrument, not even a kazoo. And his art? It’s better suited for Pictionary than Picasso. Which is a real problem because Jake just faked his way into the Music and Art Academy for the gifted and talented (and Jake is pretty sure he is neither). More jokester than composer, Jake will have to think of something quick before the last laugh is on him.

Ages 8-12
Inspired by Derek Jeter’s childhood, THE CONTRACT is the first book in Derek Jeter’s middle grade baseball series, an important part of the Jeter Publishing program, which will encompass adult nonfiction titles, children’s picture books, middle grade fiction, Ready-to-Read children’s books and children’s nonfiction. 
Jonny Jakes Investigates Written by Malcolm Judge and illustrated by Alan Brown.
Ages 9-12

Meet Jonny Jakes, undercover reporter for banned school newspaper The Woodford Word. Nothing will stop his pursuit of the truth. Not teachers. Not parents. Not even detention.

Judy Moody written by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Peter Reynolds
Ages 6-10

Meet Judy Moody, a third grader with plenty of attitude and a mood to fit every occasion. This delightful series is loaded with laughs and moments of wisdom as readers follow Judy through her oddball adventures. Enjoy the reviews, fast facts, author info and really cool games!

Ages 4-6

Geared to newly independent readers, these stories will have Judy Moody fans in heaven.

Children and Ages 4-6

Explore more of the genuine-and-for-real world of Judy Moody as beloved characters from the original series enjoy their own escapades in awesomeness.

Ages 5-8

Judy and Stink co-star in these full-color adventures!

Junie B. Jones written by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus
Ages 4-8

Junie B. Jones just can't help getting into all kinds of scrapes. After all, going to school, having to ride the smelly old school bus and making new friends isn't easy. She really can't help it when she shouts out loud in class. After all, if that dumb May, the class tattletale, wasn't always calling attention to Junie B.'s behavior, she wouldn't have to yell at her, would she? Then there's that meanie kid, Jim, who is always teasing her and making life miserable. And it's really hard to follow the rules, when there seem to be so many of them.No matter how mixed-up things get, one thing's for sure --- you'll have a good laugh reading about Junie's adventures in kindergarten and first grade.

Ages 6-9

Meet third-grader Grace Stewart, who gets stuck with the name “Just Grace” when she tries to distinguish herself from the three other Graces in her class. Grace is plenty different, though. She has a “teeny-tiny superpower,” for instance --- she can tell if someone is unhappy and often tries to fix it. But sometimes her good intentions backfire....