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The Friendship War


The Friendship War

Andrew Clements is a beautifully descriptive writer. Every time you choose one of his books, you’re in for a treat. THE FRIENDSHIP WAR heats up when two friends go head-to-head in the latest craze at school --- buttons.

"Andrew Clements masterfully develops the story....This fun, smart book will resonate with kids."

It all starts when Grace brings in some of the buttons that she found at her Grandpa’s place. The kids are thunderstruck! They love the colors, shapes and designs. Grace’s best friend, Ellie, loves to be the center of attention, so when she brings in her buttons to school, she has a whole presentation with a backdrop of where the buttons came from and their significance. Just like that, buttons are the hottest fad in school. Suddenly everyone is trading them, playing games with them and even crafting with them.

But it’s not all fun and games because Grace and Ellie get in a heated battle over buttons. In fact, they stop talking and Grace can no longer sit with her friend during lunch. She’s been banned. As the battle drags out, Grace wishes that the rage over buttons would just die out.

Anyone that has lived through a fad at school like yo-yo’s, silly bands, or Rainbow Loom can relate to this entertaining story. Andrew Clements masterfully develops the story of two friends and its quick demise. Eventually the characters must decide if buttons or friendship is more important. This fun, smart book will resonate with kids.

Reviewed by Kathleen M. Purcell on January 30, 2019

The Friendship War
by Andrew Clements