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Skeleton Island (An Araminta Spookie Adventure, Book 2)


Skeleton Island (An Araminta Spookie Adventure, Book 2)

In SKELETON ISLAND, the second installment of the popular Araminta Spookie series, Araminta and her best friend Wanda pack their bags and ready themselves for a school trip to the mysterious Skeleton Island, a place steeped in mystery and foreboding. When a trick played on Nosy Nora and Creepy Cora (Araminta and Wanda’s nemeses) leads Araminta and Wanda to fall foul of Nora and Cora’s revenge, they find themselves marooned on the island with no hope of rescue. As darkness descends on the island, the two intrepid explorers (or chief detective and sidekick) find themselves surrounded by spooky skeletons and ghosts and must sharpen their wits so that they don’t join the pesky pirates in their watery grave.  

"Sage has created a clever balance of spooky fun without the scares that might be a bit much for the more sensitive reader....Araminta is a cheeky, loveable, feisty heroine...."

Sage has created a clever balance of spooky fun without the scares that might be a bit much for the more sensitive reader. Allowing for this, Araminta is a cheeky, loveable, feisty heroine, more likely to be found in an old fashioned boarding school adventure than a horror, despite the vampires, ghosts, ghouls and bats that pepper the pages of this story. Araminta’s no-nonsense attitude, coupled with Wanda’s kooky but well-meaning demeanor makes for a great pairing that is sure to appeal to young, confident readers.

If readers are hoping for a book chock-full of frights, this is definitely not it. The Araminta Spookie series is much more along the lines of the Hotel Transylvania series of films --- think creatures from horror stories transplanted into an everyday setting. This cutesy take on the horror genre won’t give anybody nightmares but will certainly entertain and result in a few laughs. The accompanying illustrations are a particularly successful touch and are similar to those in Caleb Krisp’s Ivy Pocket series and the two heroines do have a fairly similar feel at times. The first person narrative works very well, as the reader is treated to Araminta’s slightly wacky ideas and opinions, though the present tense can be a little grating at times. The ending feels a little rushed and perhaps a trifle convenient, though this is unlikely to bother the demographic at which this book is aimed.

Overall, this is another successful instalment of this popular series and will surely entertain those already a fan of Araminta’s adventures. The story can also be picked up with ease from this point without having to have read the previous book, although Araminta’s backstory is entertaining enough to warrant going back and reading the rest if you haven’t already.

Reviewed by Becca Watts on July 12, 2016

Skeleton Island (An Araminta Spookie Adventure, Book 2)
(An Araminta Spookie Adventure #2)
by Angie Sage