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Join FunJungle’s resident zoo sleuth, Teddy Fitzroy, as he solves mysteries and strives to protect the animals at the zoo with the first three funny and suspenseful novels of the bestselling FunJungle series from New York Times bestselling author Stuart Gibbs.
It all starts when the hippo goes belly up --- and it’s a wild ride from there.
When Teddy Fitzroy moved into FunJungle, the nation’s largest zoo, with his scientist parents, he expected things to be kind of quiet. There’d be the occasional elephant stampede and water balloon fight with the chimpanzees, of course, but when Henry the Hippo dies from not-so-natural causes, Teddy suspects foul play. And that was just the beginning. He begins to realize that the zoo is far more exciting than he thought it was, and soon the mysteries at FunJungle are piling up.


Books in this series

by Stuart Gibbs - Animals , Children's 8-12, Friendship

Twelve-year-old Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt Fitzroy has murder on his hands and trouble on his tail. He believes that Henry, the hippopotamus at the brand-new FunJungle, has been murdered. The zoo’s top brass claim the hippo went belly up the natural way, but Teddy and his feisty friend Summer McCraken have other ideas. 

by Stuart Gibbs - Children's, Fiction
School troublemaker Vance Jessup bullies Teddy into his scheme for a cruel prank at FunJungle, a state-of-the-art zoo and theme park, but the plan goes awry. Teddy sneaks into the koala exhibit to hide. But when the koala goes missing, Teddy is the only person on the exhibit cameras. Teddy didn’t commit the crime --- but if he can’t find the real culprit, he’ll be sent to juvie as a convicted koala-napper.
by Stuart Gibbs - Adventure, Fiction, Mystery

When someone takes aim at Rhonda Rhino, FunJungle’s pregnant (and endangered) Asian greater one-horned rhinoceros, the zoo steps up security measures in order to protect this rare animal and her baby.But the extra security isn’t enough --- someone is still getting too close for comfort. Teddy and company start to suspect that whoever is after Rhonda is really after her horn, which is worth a lot of money on the black market. For the first time ever, the head of the zoo enlists Teddy for help --- for once, he doesn’t have to sneak around in order to investigate --- and the results are even more wacky, and even more dangerous, than ever before.

by Stuart Gibbs - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12, Humor, Mystery

For once, operations at FunJungle appear to be running smoothly and Teddy Fitzroy is finally able to give detective work a rest. But then a local lion is accused of killing a famous dog --- and the dog's owner, an inflammatory radio host, goes on a crusade to have the cat declared a nuisance so it can be hunted. However, there's evidence that the lion might have been framed for murder and now a renegade animal activist wants teddy and his girlfriend Summer to help prove it.