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Anton & Cecil


Anton & Cecil

A rip-roaring series about two very different cat brothers and their adventures on sea and land.

Anton & Cecil

Books in this series

by Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin - Children's 8-12

Anton and Cecil are as different as port and starboard. One day when Anton goes to the harbor, he’s taken as a ratter on a ship bound for the high seas. Cecil boards another ship in hopes of finding Anton. What begins as a rescue mission turns into a pair of high-seas adventures. On an ocean as vast as the one Anton and Cecil have discovered, will they ever see home --- or each other --- again?

Written by Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin, illustrated by Kelly Murphy. - Children's 8-12

Terrible news has reached cat brothers Anton and Cecil: their rodent friend Hieronymus has been captured. Anton and Cecil must try to rescue the mouse who once saved Anton’s life. Boarding one of the monstrous machines the mice call “landships,” the brothers travel to the Wild West. In the face of many dangers, can Anton and Cecil find the courage and wit to save Hieronymus?