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by Kazu Kibuishi

There’s so much to love about Kazu Kibuish’s epic, thrilling Amulet series. It pulls inspiration from so many wonderful places (Star Wars, obviously, and Tolkien’s works, but other fantasy epics as well), but it also remains an original and thoroughly enjoyable series that stands truly on its own.

by Kazu Kibuishi - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novel

Emily has lost control of her Amulet and is imprisoned in the Void, where she must find a way to escape the influence of the Voice. Meanwhile, Emily's brother, Navin, travels to Lighthouse One, a space station where the Resistance is preparing to battle the approaching Shadow forces that would drain planet Alledia of all its resources. Emily and Navin must be smarter and stronger than ever to ensure Alledia's survival.