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Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians


Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians

On his thirteenth birthday, Alcatraz --- a foster child --- gets a bag of sand in the mail which purports to be his ‘inheritance’ sent from his father and mother. The Librarians, of course, immediately steal the bag of sand from him. This sparks a chain of events which leads Alcatraz to realize that his family is part of a group of freedom fighters who resist the Evil Librarians --- the secret cult who actually rule the world. The ensuing story involves talking dinosaurs, sentient romance novels and a dungeon-like labyrinth hiding beneath the innocent-looking downtown library.

Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians

Books in this series

by Brandon Sanderson - Children's 9-13, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Alcatraz Smedry is back with a bang - infiltrating the Library of Alexandria, looking for his not-dead-after-all father and discovering a strange golden sarcophagus that might hold the key to his amazing talent for breaking things. Oh, and his best friend Bastille's come along too - for evil-Librarian-bashing purposes, of course.

by Brandon Sanderson - Adventure, Children's 9-13, Fantasy

Alcatraz Smedry is up against a whole army of Evil Librarians with only his friend Bastille, a few pairs of glasses and an unlimited supply of exploding teddy bears to help him. This time, even Alcatraz's extraordinary talent for breaking things may not be enough to defeat the army of Evil Librarians and their giant librarian robots.