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Princess Juniper of Torr

About the Book

Princess Juniper of Torr

Adventure abounds in this finale featuring Princess Juniper, who --- with the help of friends, secret spy cats, and even a dragon --- is the only one who just might be able to save her father, the palace, and their whole country!

Princess Juniper might have conquered her challenges up in the Hourglass Mountains, but back home in Torr, chaos reigns. The castle has been invaded. Juniper’s father, King Regis, is behind bars. And all his loyal subjects are imprisoned along with him. Juniper and her friends must find a way to rescue their kingdom! But how?
With tricks and spies, secrets and lies piling up at every turn, the friends are in more danger than ever. But Juniper won’t let that stop her! As Crown Princess, it’s up to her to lead the way and figure out how to save her home and her father. Will the small army from Queen’s Basin be enough to outwit the enemy? Or will Torr Castle fall and be lost forever --- and the country along with it?
In the final book in the Princess Juniper series, perfect for fans of Frozen, Brave and THE PRINCESS ACADEMY, Ammi-Joan Paquette delivers a fun-filled, heartfelt, action-packed finale that is fit for a Queen!

Princess Juniper of Torr
by Ammi-Joan Paquette