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Never Mind! a Twin Novel


Never Mind! a Twin Novel

by Avi

Just because Meg and Edward Runyon are twins doesn't mean they are alike. In fact, they are as different as night and day. They only have a few things in common --- birthdays, parents, and driving each other bonkers!

Newbery Medalist Avi teams up with children's author Rachel Vail to create the hilarious twin novel, NEVER MIND! Meg and Edward are so good at driving each other crazy that their parents figure out a way for them to attend different schools. Meg now goes to Fischer High on the East Side and Edward attends Charlton Street Alternative School downtown.

At Meg's new school, she desperately wants to be a member of the High Achievers Club, headed by Kimberly Wu Woodson, the most beautiful and popular girl in school. When Kimberly calls Meg's home to invite her to a party, Edward answers. After several pranks, he admits that he is Meg's clever twin brother. Meg finally gets on the phone, only to hear Kimberly ask her a million questions about her twin. Meg is flustered. Edward is ruining her life again! She didn't want her new classmates to know about her dorky twin. After all, wouldn't they think that she was like him?

In an effort to impress Kimberly, Meg decides to describe her brother as the exact opposite --- tall, handsome, a talented musician in a band. Little does Meg know that Edward is listening on the other line --- and has a little plan to destroy Meg's chances at the High Achievers Club. He will pretend to be the person Meg described! Edward calls back Kimberly pronto and tells her that his band, Never Mind, can play at her party on Saturday night. Kimberly is immediately smitten. The rumors start to roll at Fischer High. Soon everyone knows about Meg's cool twin rock star brother and everyone wants to go to Kimberly's party!

Avi and Vail do an amazing job of creating two distinct characters in Meg and Edward. The chapters alternate between their points of view as the story unfolds. The reader encounters hysterical situations in which both twins become victims of their own lies. In the end, Meg and Edward discover that perhaps they're not as different as they thought.

Reviewed by Kristi Olson on May 11, 2004

Never Mind! a Twin Novel
by Avi

  • Publication Date: May 11, 2004
  • Hardcover: 208 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • ISBN-10: 0060543140
  • ISBN-13: 9780060543143