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Extravaganza at the Plaza (Racoon River Kids Adventures)

About the Book

Extravaganza at the Plaza (Racoon River Kids Adventures)

“It isn’t fair that our town doesn’t have its own theater,” eight-year-old Hannah complains.

A lot of thinking, planning, dreaming and list-making later, and Hannah --- along with the kids of Raccoon River --- are up to their ears in a brand new project: saving the town’s old abandoned Plaza Theater. But first, they have to get a look inside. It’s spooky --- spider webs and creaky floors, and one slowly-swaying stage curtain. Can the Plaza be saved?

Although the kids may not be able to fix plumbing or install new lights, sew curtains or patch holes in the roof, they can raise money. In a boastful moment, Hannah pledges that they will raise $2,500.00 --- the price tag for some special equipment they want to donate.

But now with only three weeks to go before opening night, it looks like they are not going to reach their goal. Unless they get big help from unexpected places.

Lauren L. Wohl tells a story of determination and hard work, cooperation and more than little bit of luck where the kids of a small town make a real difference in their community, the first sequel to BLUEBERRY BONANZA in the Raccoon River Kids Adventures series. Mark Tuchman illustrates the action with characterful drawings that enrich the tale.

Extravaganza at the Plaza (Racoon River Kids Adventures)
by Lauren L. Wohl and Mark Tuchman