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Electric Boogerloo: I Am Fartacus (MAX)

About the Book

Electric Boogerloo: I Am Fartacus (MAX)

Chub and his group of misfit friends --- including some new recruits --- try to track down the school’s missing mascot in the hilarious and heartwarming sequel to I AM FARTACUS.

It’s a new year, and a chance for Chub to make a fresh start at Alanmoore Middle School. After all, he now has a “cadre” of misfits behind him, and his feud with Archer “The Arch” Norris seems to have cooled off over the summer. Could seventh grade be the year that Chub keeps his nose out of trouble?

One thing Chub didn’t count on? The new principal “Mizzz Lockhart” --- a steely-eyed disciplinary maniac with a zero-tolerance policy for mischief who is just waiting to make an example out of Chub. When Lockhart’s precious sculpture --- a hideous modern-art rendering of the school mascot that Chub dubbed “The Boogerloo” --- disappears, both Chub and Archer are blamed for the theft. Worse still, they’re faced with expulsion (which for Chub means being shipped off to Poland) unless they can produce the Boogerloo in 48 hours.

It’s up to Chub, Archer, Shelby, Moby and Megumi (the new student whom both Chub and Archer are crushing on) to find the Boogerloo before Chub gets kicked out of school --- and maybe the country --- for good.

Electric Boogerloo: I Am Fartacus (MAX)
(I Am Fartacus #2)
by Mark Maciejewski