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Drowned Wednesday: The Keys to the Kingdom, Book Three


Drowned Wednesday: The Keys to the Kingdom, Book Three

It is Wednesday, and Arthur Penhaligon is lying in a hospital bed with a broken leg and recovering from an unexpected asthma attack while anxiously awaiting for the day's events to unfold. He has defeated Grim Tuesday in the scary Pit and managed to prevent a global economic disaster. Now Arthur has been invited to a luncheon with Lady Wednesday. Arthur isn't quite sure he wants to know how he will get there.

When his friend Leaf visits his hospital room, she asks Arthur about the Scoucher and is curious to know about the weird events that have occurred since she met him. Arthur is hesitant at first, but decides it's safe to tell her the truth about his secret occupation. Leaf thinks it's neat that Arthur has exciting adventures, but when Arthur tries to explain that these adventures are not as exciting as she thinks they are, the next one suddenly begins. Arthur and Leaf are almost swept away as the hospital room starts to flood, and a ship called the Flying Mantis makes its grand entrance. Leaf is taken aboard the Flying Mantis while Arthur is accidentally left in the perilous sea.

It looks like this could be the end of the Rightful Heir, but then Arthur is rescued by the Moth, whose strange and humorous crew salvage across the Border Sea. This is just the beginning of a difficult quest where Arthur must find the Third Part of the Will and the Third Key, and now his friend Leaf. How he is going to complete his search will have him crossing paths with some dangerous thunderstorms; interesting seafaring creatures called Raised Rats; the infamous Lady Wednesday, who harbors a deadly secret; and a fearsome zombie pirate named Feverfew, who wants revenge against Arthur. Meanwhile, there's another new threat secretly biding its time in the Secondary Realms.

DROWNED WEDNESDAY is a thrilling high-seas adventure that is both suspenseful and humorous. This is the best book thus far in Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series. The story reveals more of the mystery of the House throughout, and you are left to wonder whether or not Arthur and the worlds he knows of will continue to exist by Sunday. There will be no stopping readers from putting down this book!

Reviewed by Sarah Sawtelle on March 1, 2005

Drowned Wednesday: The Keys to the Kingdom, Book Three
(Keys to the Kingdom #3)
by Garth Nix