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April 2017

This month's Series Update includes some great new continuations to series that we love. Up first, we have BLAZE OF EMBERS, the third installment in The Books of Ore series, the conclusion to this series that follows characters who have grown so much after their time in a magical world that they stumbled upon --- and the war they stumbled into. Next we have TIMMY FAILURE: The Cat Stole My Pants, the sixth book in the Timmy Failure series, which follows the always hilarious Timmy as he solves a new crime with a new partner and attempts to get his pants back from a cat. Lastly, we have Lauren Oliver and H. C Chester's latest book in the Curiosity House series, THE FEARSOME BIRD, which follows Sam, Philippa, Thomas and Max as they continue to uncover the evil schemes of  Nicholas Rattigan.