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Crash Course #1 (Project Terra)

About the Book

Crash Course #1 (Project Terra)

TERRAFORMING 101 - Learn the basics of FARMING IN SPACE!! Open to first year students.

For eleven-year-old Elara, life at the Academy of Terraforming Arts is a lot tougher --- and stranger --- than she expected. Her latest experiment accidentally blew up the moon. Her roommate, Clare, is a mute intergalactic sponge. And no one at her new school knows what it's like to grow up on a planet called "Nowhere." But if the greatest Planetary Designers in the galaxy made it through their first year, then so can she.

Based on the real science behind terraforming, this action-packed story mixes world-building adventures with side-splitting humor plus a dash of intergalactic madness.

Crash Course #1 (Project Terra)
(Project: Terra #1)
by Landry Q. Walker and Keith Zoo