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China: A History


China: A History

Author Cheryl Bardoe, who was once the senior project manager of exhibits at The Field Museum in Chicago, writes nonfiction books for children. CHINA: A History is based on the Cyrus Tang Hall of China exhibit at the museum. Bardoe includes pictures of parts of the exhibit in her narrative, sharing maps, photos, illustrations and artifacts to illustrate her book. The book details China’s long history, starting in prehistoric times and extending to the modern era. Readers learn about the various emperors and dynasties who ruled the nation for centuries.

"Bardoe author writes in a style that is both lively and informative."

There are four chapters in the book. Each chapter has extra information at the end about things related to the chapter’s subject matter, which enhances the overall text. The author includes a Timeline of world events at the end of the book, with the ones about China highlighted in bold face text. There is also a list of Notes and a Selected Bibliography.

Bardoe author writes in a style that is both lively and informative. The pages are packed with facts and trivia. Every two-page spread has at least one picture or illustration to break up the text. In CHINA: A History, young readers can learn a lot about the great nation of China without being bored while doing so.

Reviewed by Christine M. Irvin on January 30, 2019

China: A History
by Cheryl Bardoe