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March 2012

March’s roundup of Cool & New Books includes Carl Hiaasen’s CHOMP, an eco-mystery set in the world of reality television that will lead young Wahoo Cray into an adventure and a life-changing friendship; SEEDS OF REBELLION, the second installment in Brandon Mull's Beyonders series, in which Jason Walker must return to Lyrian to save his friends and help them defeat the evil emperor Maldor; PINCH HIT, Tim Green’s latest sports novel that introduces readers to Sam and Trevor, two boys who realize they are twins separated at birth and decide to switch places with each other; and ILLUSIONOLOGY, the newest discovery in the famed ’Ology series, which describes 25 tricks for aspiring young magicians --- ranging from ancient illusions to Houdini's greatest acts.

February 2013

February's roundup of New in Paperback includes IN DISGUISE!: Undercover with Real Women Spies by Ryan Ann Hunter and Jeanette Litte, which detials the lives of some of history's most daring women, all of whom risked their lives to stand up for their beliefs; Tim Green's PINCH HIT, where a movie star who's dreamed of playing baseball like a real kid and a real kid who wants to take a try swing at acting switch places...if they c