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Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony


Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

Ireland, we all know, is a land of magic. Long before we were here to read the trials and tribulations of Artemis Fowl, the mystical island was a battleground. Fairy and human waged war for control, and as the fairy came to realize that their fight was a lost cause, they fled, burying themselves underground. The 8th Family of fairy, the Demons, refused to surrender Ireland to the humans, and instead crafted a devious and savage plan: by means of a magical time spell they warped out of time and into Limbo. There they waited, plotting and growing in power until one day they could return and destroy the humans and claim Ireland as their own.

Foaly is concerned. The spell of time displacement is unwinding and Demons are beginning to return to Earth, threatening the hidden fairy world. For all his wits, Foaly cannot comprehend the mathematical temporal equations that will aid the fairy in preventing impending attack. Artemis, however, is just the one needed to decipher such things. While he has figured out the codes and is actively seeking to prevent the unraveling of time and re-emergence of the Demons, he has a slight problem.

Artemis is becoming more interested in females, and it's distracting. Not only does he find the limo driver, Maria, alluring, he is now finding himself drawn to a girl he sees while in Spain. Moments later he is pulled through time by a materializing Demon, only to be brought back to real time by Butler. Continuing to calculate materialization dates and cities, Artemis and Butler must set off trotting the globe in an effort to save time. And, of course, none of this would be possible without the assistance of Holly Short and pixie fish smuggler Doodah Day. The girl, oh does she surprise Mr. Fowl.

Only 12 years old, Minerva Paradizo looks on Artemis as her idol when in truth she is more his equal. She, too, has calculated the time spell deterioration and succeeds in kidnapping (Demon-napping?) a Demon. Her plan is to study him and win the Nobel Prize for her efforts. Her paths cross with Artemis and he must take on the Paradizo family's "security," a murderer known as Billy Kong, in order to rescue the Demon, return with him and Captain Holly to the Demon island of Hybras and fix the time spell once and for all.

Eoin Colfer does a marvelous job of mixing his humor and action throughout THE LOST COLONY, which he has admitted will be the next-to-last installment in the legend of Artemis Fowl. His assortment of characters, from Artemis and Holly to Doodah Day and the Demon No. 1, are all interesting and curious. One thing that really plays well is Artemis as a growing boy and his distractions as he begins to move closer to manhood. His continued fixation on girls, which even he feels is a waste of brain power, is unstoppable, as it should be for someone his age. Unlike most teen boys, however, he must find a way to save humanity at the same time, which is no simple task in and of itself.

Twists and turns abound within the pages of the story. Not only is Artemis having his own issues with hormonal imbalance, life and death for his friends are constantly at play, and in fact Artemis himself is in for a life-altering experience before all is said and done. In more ways than one.

THE LOST COLONY is an engaging and fun read. Colfer has presented a terrific adventure story with great anchor characters while being able to introduce new ones to help aid or hinder as needed. With the conclusion leaving several points waiting for resolution, the followup is sure to be exciting and eagerly expected.

Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard on April 20, 2012

Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
(Artemis Fowl #5)
by Eoin Colfer

  • Publication Date: December 4, 2018
  • Genres: Children's, Fiction
  • Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
  • ISBN-10: 1368036961
  • ISBN-13: 9781368036962