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Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident


Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

In this follow-up to the series's bestselling first book, the fairy people of the Lower Elements are forced to seek the help of their archrival, Artemis Fowl, a year after he cunningly relieved them of some fairy gold.

When a routine underground surveillance mission uncovers an illicit stash of weapons and evidence that goblins have been trading aboveground with humans, Commander Root and Captain Holly Short are convinced that Artemis is masterminding the illegal activity. After all, no other humans know of their existence and Artemis is constantly deriving schemes to enrich his family fortune.

But when Holly brings Artemis and his bodyguard Butler in for questioning, fairy mind-reading technology determines that he is not the culprit and they grudgingly seek his assistance in an aboveground reconnaissance mission to find the real perpetrator. In exchange for his cooperation, Artemis enlists fairy aid in a daring rescue attempt to extract his beloved father from the clutches of Russian kidnappers in Mermansk. This unlikely partnership forms the basis of a harrowing adventure that will have enormous consequences for both human and fairy alike.

After finding and neutralizing the human element involved in the illicit trading, the interspecies team sets off to the arctic to track down the Russians responsible for the capture of Artemis Fowl Senior, missing and presumed dead for the past two years. But as the team arrives in the frozen tundra, they discover that their weapons have been mysteriously de-activated just as they are faced with a nasty surprise attack by murderous goblins. Some quick thinking on behalf of Holly Short saves the day, but the team is forced to abort their mission and return underground to save the fairy empire from goblin revolt.

They soon learn that the mastermind behind the goblin coup is none other than Captain Root's former colleague, defrocked police commander Briar Cudgeon, whose career was derailed in the disastrous Artemis Fowl incident a year earlier. Cudgeon is intent on extracting revenge by toppling the fairy regime and installing himself as monarch. Aided by evil sidekick Opal Koboi, whose company supplies weapons to the Lower Elements Police, he very nearly succeeds.

In a race against time and without the aid of their usual high-tech gadgetry, the unlikely human and fairy alliance must race to put a stop to Cudgeon and Opal's dastardly plan, and then rescue Artemis's father before it's too late.

Reviewed by Joni Rendon on April 20, 2012

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
(Artemis Fowl #2)
by Eoin Colfer