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Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel


Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel

As a regular reader and bookworm I have a natural wariness to all adaptations of popular books. Popular opinion states that there is little to no chance a film adaptation is as good as the book. Despite the rare exception this is so often the case. I tend to lean away from seeing an adaptation until I can safely appreciate the source material. So now that it’s clear that I’m not some comic reading spy sent to get rid of all the classics with graphic novel versions, I can dig in a bit on the new ANNE OF GREEN GABLES graphic novel.

"This adaptation lovingly recreates the best and most heartfelt moments of the classic with the utmost care."

This adaptation lovingly recreates the best and most heartfelt moments of the classic with the utmost care. In graphic novels there are usually at least two participants comprising a creative team and this volume is no different. Mariah Marsden, our writer, has structured and paced out the best and most important details with painstaking intricacy. Not a beat is missed and not one moment left out. Even the more painful moments and pensive beats are clearly pulled from the original with complete intention and care. There is an entire page devoted to the lonely Matthew Cuthbert and a two-page beat all about the reconciliation of Anne and Diana Barry’s friendship. These moments, though, couldn’t remotely come close to the original and its depths without the help of the illustrator Brenna Thummler.

Thummler’s line and color latches right onto the lush greenery and vibrancy of Prince Edward Island, the setting of this all-time classic. We see the house Green Gables and the island in all of its mythical beauty.  We see the hopes and fears in Anne’s youth. We see the sun peeking through the trees cascading the grass fields. We see the worrisome looks from Marilla Cuthbert. We see the bashful and apologetic pining looks on Gilbert Blythe’s dopey young man face and constant chorus of “Sorry.” Thummler confidently places her love of the original on every last bit of art and it really, REALLY shines through.

If you love this classic you’re in for a treat with this adaptation because it is clear it was made from a place of the purest admiration. And if you haven’t read the original, this would be a fine and forgivable place to read it first, because Marsden and Thummler have managed to capture everything that makes ANNE OF GREEN GABLES the timeless classic it has always been.

Reviewed by Matthew Burbridge on October 30, 2017

Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel
by Mariah Marsden and Brenna Thummler