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September 2002 Newsletter September 13, 2002
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Series Feature: American Girls
Series Feature: Historical Mysteries
Series Feature --- Royal Diaries
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Letter from Booker T. Worm
It is soooooooo rainy here today. The entire Worm family is trying to stay out of the puddles! This is quite a task. We instead are going to just curl up with some books --- and read the day away. Have you ever done that?

As promised, we are back this week with a full roundup of new books. There are so many new books to share with you.

By the way if you cannot see our snazzy new newsletter, complete with pictures of book covers, go to the link at the bottom of my letter to see our newsletter in color. For kids on AOL with Kids Only accounts, we cannot send you newsletters with graphics, so this link is your ticket to see the pictures that we have added.

And without further ado...our lineup for the week...
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Series Feature: American Girls
You've enjoyed reading the many stories about the American Girls: Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit and Molly. Now, there's Kaya --- the first American Girl --- bringing the early history of the Nez Perce Indians to life! has the reviews, an author interview, and games for your enjoyment.

And if you haven't yet explored the American Girls feature, be sure to browse through all the wonderful books and spin-off series that combine fiction and history into fascinating reading.
Click here to read about American Girls
Series Feature: Historical Mysteries
Historical times are the setting for these exciting stories about brave young people. Each fictional story is woven together with real events and descriptions of how people lived, in another time and another place.

Read our review of the newest mystery, THE STRANGE CASE OF BABY H by Kathryn Reiss, a suspense-filled story about a 12-year-old girl who finds an abandoned baby during the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.
Click here to read about these historical mysteries
Series Feature --- Royal Diaries
India and South Korea are the settings for the two newest books in our continuing feature on the Royal Diaries series. Learn what life was like for JAHANARA: Princess of Princesses in 1627 as she tries to cope with the restricted life of women under the Muslim laws of India's royal family.

And in ancient South Korea, SONDOK: Princess of the Moon and Stars tells her story of battling the customs that limit young girls as she attempts to learn astronomy, dreaming of the day when she will lead her people. Be sure to check out the other royal tales in our featured series as well as the Map Scramble and Cleopatra's Pyramid Game!
Click hear to read about the Royal Diaries
Combining beautiful works of art with clever essays on the story that each painting holds, readers can let their imaginations fly as they reach into their own hearts and minds to share the feelings these paintings inspire. Each artist and painting is discussed along with suggestions for paths to explore as you view the paintings, making this a wonderful experience for parents and children to share.
Click here to read the review.
A charming tale of a little bird, who wonders if he IS a bird, when he suddenly can't fly. As he explores his feelings while walking on the beach, he eventually discovers there are more important things in life than being able to fly.
Read our review here.
Question of the Week
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Reader Mailbag
Your Letters...Your Poems...Your Jokes

Our Mailbag can now be found online at Here are the rules for submitting to Mailbag:

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All submissions for Mailbag must be received by Noon on Monday in order to have them included in our Mailbag page for that week.

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Keep reading! Until next week...

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