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Packing for Vaca --- Books First!
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Series Feature: Geronimo Stilton
Series Book Update: Nancy Drew
A Tribute to Paula Danziger
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Packing for Vaca --- Books First!
Around our house when it's vacation time we pack the books first --- and then the clothes! There has to be room for the books.

My sons who are 9 and 14 have been known to pack a book a day for each day that we are traveling. Then they complain to me that their backpacks are too heavy.

In an attempt to organize things when we travel the week before we leave I put all the clothes we are bringing on a table so I can see what we are taking and be sure nothing was forgotten. A couple of years ago my younger son managed to get himself dressed from my "to be packed" pile every day the week before we left. He ended up on vaca with one pair of shorts --- and 10 books. We were mighty sick of looking at those kelly green shorts by the end of the week!

Do you have a story like this to share with us? We bet you do!

My absolute "must have" vacation item is the Light Wedge reading light. It enables me to read in the passenger seat of the car while my husband drives. The light focuses right onto the page. Also, the boys turn theirs on in the back seat and I don't hear "your light is shining in my eyes." In January we drove back from the beach in North Carolina and I read for 7.5 hours --- it was heaven to be able to get something done like that even in the dark! The light comes in both hardcover and paperback size!

Lots of news this month. Who says things slow down in the summer? Not here at!!!!

Have a great month. Happy reading. And remember to pack the shorts along with the books.

Carol Fitzgerald for (
Read more about the Light Wedge here.
Cool New Books for July
In this month's roundup of cool new books, Nancy Drew returns for her sixth all-new adventure. This time, our young sleuth is ready to add "professional acting" to her already impressive list of accomplishments --- but a huge fire breaks out on the set of her movie, and it's up to Nancy to solve this baffling case. We also present the fast-paced and suspenseful sequel to Elizabeth Kay's debut children's novel THE DIVIDE, a fun, action-packed tale from award-winning author M.T. Anderson, and the newest installment in the hilarious Amber Brown series. Its author, the late Paula Danziger, will not be forgotten.
Read our Cool New Books for July feature here.
Series Feature: Geronimo Stilton
What series is hotter than boiling cheese fondue, smoother than a cheddar cheesecake, and more delicious than a mozzarella milkshake? Find out here!
Read more about the Geronimo Stilton series here.
Series Book Update: Nancy Drew
ACTION!: Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective #6, by Carolyn Keene
Nancy has finally determined who was behind all the trouble in LIGHTS, CAMERA&133; But as soon as filming for the River Heights movie resumes, a huge fire breaks out on the set. The good news is that the fire turns up a key clue about who started it --- though Nancy must continue doing double duty as an actress and a detective.
Read our Nancy Drew feature here.
A Tribute to Paula Danziger
Well-renowned children's author Paula Danziger passed away on July 8, 2004, following complications arising from a heart attack in June. She was 59.

Throughout her career, she wrote a number of children's stories, including THE CAT ATE MY GYMSUIT, THE DIVORCE EXPRESS and, more recently, the Amber Brown series.
Read more about Paula Danziger here.
Books Into Movies
Did you like the book? Well now you can see the movie! Check out the newest summer flicks that are based on books to get another dose of the stories you love. And here's an extra special treat. Some of the films we've assembled have companion books that are based directly on the motion picture screenplay and that take you behind-the-scenes at the making of the movie --- which means you can enjoy the story long after the credits stop rolling.

We're counting down the days till The Princess Diaries Royal Engagement comes out.
Read our Books Into Movies feature here.
New Reading Group Guides
Many of you have written to ask us for more book club discussion guides. As a result, we are happy to share that we have added:

THE THIEF LORD by Cornelia Funke
INKHEART by Cornelia Funke
SO B. IT by Sarah Weeks
HEARTBEAT by Sharon Creech

May we suggest you try a book club with your friends this summer?
Read our new reading group guides here.
Reviews and Features
In the wilds of Vermont, Gregory and Brian tackle the world's weirdest board game in this wildly imaginative and wickedly funny fantasy tale from award-winning author M. T. Anderson. Reviewed by Norah Piehl.

Twelve-year-old Ellie Tremont falls in love with Tommy Bowers, who is two years older than her. Ellie is so smitten with him that she agrees to every suggestion he makes. Soon, though, Tommy goes too far and even Ellie isn't sure what to make of him. Reviewed by Kristi Olson.

Sassy but vulnerable Evangeline "Eddie" Brown lives in Paradise, Florida, in a motel with a big pink Cadillac butt sticking out of it. Eddie has major attitude, which she needs in order to deal with her drunken father. She's essentially friendless until Farrell moves to town. Their struggles are more bearable together, but one solution to a problem they share may lead them into danger. Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon.

Zoe can't imagine living anywhere but in her house on 18 Hawk Road. But when her father loses his job, Zoe and her family are forced to leave their old neighborhood and live out of a van, as they search for work and a new home. Reviewed by Carlie Webber.

PAST PERFECT, PRESENT TENSE: New and Collected Stories, by Richard Peck
Award-winning novelist Richard Peck gathers all of his short stories into one book: eleven previously published, plus two new ones. This offering features a variety of genres and characters, and is an excellent read. Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon.
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Poll: Packing Books on Vacation
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Question of the Month
If you were stranded on a desert island, what ONE book would you take with you --- and why?
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