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Hi Kidsreaders!

Do you ever get jealous of your younger siblings because they get to do things that you didn’t when you were their age? Maybe they just got a computer game that didn’t exist when you were a kid, but you know you would have played it for hours. Or they get to attend karate classes and you think you would have loved those, too. A similar thing happened to me, recently: I sat in a BookUp session and thought, why couldn’t I have done this when I was in middle school?

Founded by the National Book Foundation in 2007, BookUp is essentially an incredibly awesome book club for underserved students throughout New York City. There are chapters in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, and each is run by a professional writer. Now you might think “Um, I read enough in school, thank you very much,” but after witnessing part of a recent Manhattan BookUp meeting, let me tell you, it’s not like school. I break down some of the coolest parts of the program below: