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Hey Kidsreaders,

Happy summer! I suppose it’s not technically summer yet (two more days), but seeing as many of you are out of school, it might as well be!

A couple of weekends ago I took my first summer trip of 2014 --- I went to my friend’s house in Provincetown, which is at the very tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I spent three solid days hanging out at dog parks, eating seafood and most importantly, spending time at the beach. When I’m not playing some hybrid version of handball and monkey-in-the-middle in the ocean or dozing in the sunshine at the beach, you can definitely find me lying on a towel reading. On this particular Cape trip I devoured some young adult books, but I definitely have a hefty list of titles that will be perfect for Kidsreads stacked up for upcoming day trips to Rockaway Beach, including A HITCH AT THE FAIRMONT by Jim Averbeck (June), THE ZOO AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD by Eric Kahn Gale (August) and SISTERS by Raina Telgemeier (August). Have you made your summer reading list, yet?