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This summer seemed to just zip by. This week I am on the Outer Banks with my family. We are spending time at the beach, visiting friends and reading lots of books. Today the rain moved in, and instead of getting bummed out, we see that this will give us all a bit more reading and kicking back time. When we get back, the boys will be heading straight to school, and the routine will start all over again, so we are trying to really enjoy these last days. We know that many of you already may be back in school or, like my boys, are headed there next week.

This month, is full of characters. I got to see a bunch of people dressed up as their favorite comic book characters at a conference called Comic-Con last week. It felt like Halloween! I was surprised at how amazing some of these costumes were. People captured soooo many of the details just right. Because of The Dark Knight movie, there were many "Jokers" roaming the floor. It was a lot of fun, but no, I am not planning to dress up next year!