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And just like that, 2008 is pushing 2007 out the door! This month on, we’re taking a look back at some of the noteworthy books that have been published this year, along with the author interviews that were posted in 2007. If you have procrastinated about holiday gifts and need some last-minute ideas (or if you know somebody who needs an idea for what to get YOU), then check out our What to Give/What to Get Holiday Guide.

Here come the holidays...and is ready with lots of wonderful winter reads! Check out our annual What to Give/What to Get Gift Guide for kids, where you’ll find lots of great books to put on your holiday list. Hint: adults LOVE to give books as presents, so suggesting one you’d like might save you from Aunt Gertrude’s perennially hideous sweater! In addition, we are spotlighting books that will warm you up with holiday cheer. Click here for this year's festive roundup.