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Happy Halloween! I'm very excited about today --- I'm dressing up as a witch to walk around the neighborhood with one of my best friends. My younger son is getting his wish: he is going to be a ghost. I bought him a white sheet this weekend since we did not have any in the house. He is wildly excited about this. My older son is on the fence about whether to accompany us or hand out the candy. He is pawing through the candy bucket here! Speaking of treats, has lots of terrific books for you in October.

October means...Halloween. It's still summer-like warm here in New York, so it feels odd to be thinking pumpkins. The other day my younger son started talking about his Halloween costume. He wants to be a ghost. Seriously. Last year he wanted to be a ghost, but I refused to let him cut eyes in a really big sheet that I had. Instead I made it into a toga. He still wants to be a ghost, so he suggested we just buy a cheap white sheet. I think this might be a good idea. One year my older son went trick or treating dressed as Harry Potter. At the school Halloween Parade there were lots of Harry Potters. I happen to think he was the BEST Harry Potter, but I am his mom! If any books or book characters have ever inspired your Halloween costume, be sure to tell us about it in this month’s poll and question.