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Hi Kidsreaders!

We don't do this often, but we wanted to send a special newsletter to make sure you know about a series we're really excited about --- Roxbury Park Dog Club by Daphne Maple. All summer long we've been focusing on great binge-worthy series, and this one is at the top of our list. After all, what's better than friendship, family and furry companions?

Author Daphne Maple grew up in a house full of dogs and later worked at an animal sanctuary, which gave her just the push she needed to start writing. In her first series, readers meet Kim, Sasha and Taylor, three bright tweens who volunteer at the Roxbury Park Dog Shelter. Although their love of dogs makes the task fun, there are still lots of responsibilities to take care of --- not to mention balancing their friendships and chores.

If you liked the Cupcake Diaries and Candy Apple series --- or just love dogs --- this series will be the perfect way to wrap up your summer reading!

See below for more information on the first two books of the series, MISSION IMPAWSIBLE and WHEN THE GOING GETS RUFF, plus a look at TOP DOG, the next book in the series, which hits shelves this September.

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More About the Roxbury Park Dog Club Series

What’s better than being best friends? Being best friends who volunteer together at the Roxbury Park Dog Shelter! With a focus on friendship, family and cute canines, Roxbury Park Dog Club is perfect for tween readers who snap up books from series like Cupcake Diaries and Candy Apple, or for anyone who loves dogs.

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About MISSION IMPAWSIBLE, Book 1 of Roxbury Park Dog Club

This first book follows Kim, who’s great with dogs. She’s the only person who can get her neighbors’ dog, a sweet but lazy basset hound named Humphrey, to go on his daily walk, and she makes it look so easy that her brother calls her the dog whisperer. So she can’t wait to start her seventh grade volunteer project: working at the Roxbury Park Dog Shelter. But the shelter is running out of money and might have to shut down…unless Kim and her friends Sasha and Taylor can save it!

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Read an Excerpt from MISSION IMPAWSIBLE

“Ready to walk, Humphrey?” I asked, bending down and petting the small basset hound’s silky ears. He butted his head against me and then collapsed on his side with a sigh, as though the effort had exhausted him.

Mrs. Cronin, Humphrey’s owner, laughed. “That’s our lazy boy,” she said affectionately. Then she smiled at me, her eyes warm. “I still don’t know how you manage to get him to walk every day.”

“I guess we just understand each other, don’t we, Humphrey?” I bent down for one more ear rub. People asked me about this a lot and I was never sure how to explain it. It was like I just knew what dogs needed. I could understand their body language and the sounds they made without having to think about it. My older brother, Matt, called me the dog whisperer and maybe that was the best way to say it. I wasn’t sure; all I knew for certain was that I loved dogs.

“Well, whatever magic you work, we certainly appreciate it,” Mrs. Cronin said, smoothing the sleek skirt she was wearing for her day working at the Roxbury Park Bank. Her husband was a contractor who worked even longer hours than she did, so neither of them had time to coax a reluctant basset hound on his daily morning walk. “And so does Humphrey. We were making him crazy with all that leash pulling.”

I nodded. Basset hounds were famously lazy but Humphrey was an extreme case. For weeks I watched the Cronins do everything they could to persuade Humphrey down the street for a walk. But Humphrey wasn’t having any of it. Finally one day I went over to help. I brought a handful of dog treats and made sure to hold the leash very firmly, to let Humphrey know who was in charge. I kept up a steady conversation as we walked, rewarding Humphrey every half block, so he’d know what a good job he was doing. Soon he was prancing through the neighborhood, tail wagging and head held high. I tried to teach the Cronins how I did it but Humphrey never responded to them the way he responded to me. So a few weeks ago Mrs. Cronin had hired me to walk Humphrey and everyone was happy. Especially me. Ever since my Labradoodle, Sammy, died last year and my parents decided they were too busy for another dog, I’ve been longing for more puppy time. Now, thanks to Humphrey and the plans I had that afternoon, I was finally getting it.

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About WHEN THE GOING GETS RUFF, Book 2 of Roxbury Park Dog Club

This second book focuses on Sasha, who has always wanted a pet. There’s only one problem: her mom doesn’t think she’s responsible enough. Sasha knows she can be forgetful sometimes, but after weeks of volunteering at the Roxbury Park Dog Shelter with her friends Kim and Taylor, she’s sure she can convince her mom she’s ready to take care of a pet. But then the newest dog in the girls’ after-school dog care program turns out to be too rambunctious to manage. How can Sasha prove she’s responsible if she can’t get one problem puppy under control?

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Coming this September: TOP DOG, Book 3 of Roxbury Park Dog Club

In this third book, Taylor discovers that not everyone in Roxbury Park is as welcoming as her two best friends, Kim and Sasha. A girl at school won’t stop picking on Taylor for being new. Even worse, the Dog Club is under attack, too! A fancy dog grooming shop across town has set up a competing dog day care, and unless the girls figure out how to keep their customers, the Pampered Puppy might put them out business --- for good.

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