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Hello readers, and happy almost spring!

Now that it’s March, the first day of spring is around the corner...and for some of you, that means your kids are getting revved up for spring break! (For those of you whose children are already in the middle of it --- hope you are having a great time. And for those who have a few more weeks to go… I can only imagine the hectic anticipation in your house!) Whether your family plans to spend the week at home or traveling to an exotic locale, we know that your children will definitely need a good book --- or two or three --- to read with their extra time.

Personally, I always associate books with the places where I read them. For instance, even though I remember little about my first grade spring break trip to Puerto Rico --- besides throwing up in the rain forest (not fun) and having an ongoing newt-counting contest with my sister --- I have a distinct vision of lounging on a beach chair at sunset, reading the latest Goosebumps book by the ocean. I was wearing an oversized, neon pink baseball cap, so all of the book’s pages were tinged with a rosy glow.