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Monday the American Library Association (ALA) announced the winners of the biggest children's book awards of the year. Carol Fitzgerald, who runs The Book Report Network, was lucky enough to be in the audience at the award ceremony in Philadelphia, and said that it was a madhouse...the awards started at 8AM but some attendees arrived as early as 6AM! The rest of us were cheering for our favorites from our office.

We're excited that we shared many of these books with you throughout the year, and we're happy to discover some new ones on these lists! Besides exploring titles to share with your children, and reading them yourselves, you may want to share this newsletter with teachers, school librarians and local librarians.

Happy (belated) New Year!

At Kidsreads we're off to a good start, though January had some frigid days that we are glad to have behind us! New York City wasn't as bad as many parts of the country (did you see these amazing photos of Chicago, er, Chiberia?), but we're already dreaming of spring. This is a tough time of year for keeping kids occupied in a large part of the country, as last-minute school closures and cancelled extracurricular plans --- not to mention the inevitable sniffles and sneezes --- can keep kids at home.