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July 2015

New in Paperback

July 2015

July’s paperback roundup includes HEROES OF HURRICANE KATRINA (Ten True Tales) by bestselling author Allan Zullo, which recounts the harrowing true tales of real-life people during the natural disaster; THE GREAT DEPRESSION FOR KIDS: Hardship and Hope in 1930s America, with 21 Activities by Cheryl Mullenbach, exploring the struggles and spirit of people during the 1930s; and MISSION: Tiger Rescue by Kitson Jazynka, a National Geographic book about all things related to the striped feline.

10 True Tales: Heroes of Hurricane Katrina by Allan Zullo - Nonfiction

July 28, 2015


Nurses and doctors at Charity Hospital fought desperately to keep their patients alive for days, despite hunger, pain, heat, little drinkable water and no electricity, waiting desperately for helicopters to evacuate their patients.

National Geographic Kids Mission: Tiger Rescue: All About Tigers and How to Save Them by Kitson Jazynka - Nature

July 28, 2015

Inspiring young animal lovers to get up close to elusive tigers and the real-life challenges they face is what MISSION: TIGER RESCUE is all about. This compelling narrative combines fun and amazing adventure stories, gorgeous photography, hands-on activities, fascinating information, and more, connecting the reader in-depth with the animal's real world. Meet real-life tigers and learn about their habitats, challenges, and successes, plus learn how YOU can take action and save these amazing endangered creatures.

The Great Depression for Kids: Hardship and Hope in 1930s America, with 21 Activities (For Kids series) by Cheryl Mullenbach - Nonfiction

July 1, 2015


This book explores American history before and after the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Providing a balanced, realistic picture of a time rife with hardships, it brings the era and key concepts to life. Kids learn about the harsh realities that most Americans could not escape, such as massive unemployment, natural disasters and economic collapse.

The Truth About Stacey (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix #2) Written by Ann M. Martin with illustrations by Raina Telgemeier. - Comics/Graphic Novel

July 28, 2015

Poor Stacey. She just moved to a new town, is still coming to terms with her diabetes, and is facing baby-sitting problems left and right. Fortunately, Stacey has three new friends -- Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne. Together they're the BSC -- and they will deal with whatever's thrown their way... even if it's a rival baby-sitting club!

Serafina's Promise by Ann E. Burg - Family

July 28, 2015


Serafina has
a secret dream.
But in their rural village
outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
many obstacles
stand in Serafina’s way--
little money,
never-ending chores,
and Manman’s worries.
Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina by Rodman Philbrick - Fiction

July 28, 2015


Zane Dupree is a charismatic 12-year-old boy of mixed race visiting a relative in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hits. Unexpectedly separated from family, Zane and his dog experience the terror of Katrina's wind, rain, and horrific flooding. Chaos ensues as storm water drowns the city, shelter and food vanish, and police contribute to a dangerous, frightening atmosphere in this page-turning tale.

101 Things Every Girl Should Know: Expert Advice on Stuff Big and Small From The Editorz of Faithgirlz! . - Christianity

July 7, 2015

The editors of Faithgirlz! and Girls' Life have collected their best advice to help girls take charge and feel confident in a variety of situations, from changing a bike tire to talking to your teacher about a bad grade, from being threatened by a bully to falling down the stairs at school. What do you do when you’re at a party and you don’t know anyone? What’s the formal way to set a table (and why does it matter)? This random collection of problem-solving strategies helps with everyday stuff, big and small. With tips, advice, and lots of humor, this is a book every girl needs.

I'm with Cupid (Switched at First Kiss) by Anna Staniszewski - Fiction

July 7, 2015


When she's dared to kiss the adorkable Marcus Torelli at a party, Lena thinks it's the perfect opportunity to cross First Kiss off her list of "Things to Accomplish Before I Turn Fourteen." It's only when she gets sent on an assignment the next day that she realizes something went horribly wrong. That ZING she felt wasn't the thrill of her first kiss --- she and Marcus have swapped powers! 

Three Links of Chain by Dennis Maley -

July 7, 2015


Blanche thinks he has it good. He has risen above the field hands to a position helping run a printing press. He's well fed, never physically mistreated, and he has taught himself to read, though he keeps the illicit skill a secret. Most importantly, he has been promised a chance at emancipation. Then, in a single bloody morning, his world is overturned, his master lies dead, and his widow has no intention of following through with her husband's promise to free him. Blanche would never have considered running away from his old life, but faced with the prospect of being sold as a laborer or worse, he forges his free papers and flees north, a fugitive, to create his own future.

Savage Mountain by John E. Smelcer - Fiction

July 21, 2015


Brothers Sebastian and James Savage decide to climb one of the highest Alaskan mountains to prove themselves to their father. Inspired by true events, SAVAGE MOUNTAIN is not a story of father-son reconciliation, but a touching story of two brothers who test their limits and learn that no matter how different they might be, the strongest bond of all is brotherhood.