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Write the Editor

Dear Readers,

We want to hear from you! Over the years, we have read thousands of reader letters. Not surprisingly, we see many questions over and over, which prompted us to create this list of's Most Frequently Asked Questions. Please see if we have the answer to your question there before emailing If we do not have the answer below, feel free to write Carol Fitzgerald at 

The Staff

Contacting Authors --- How do I send a letter to an author? Do you have an author's email address?

Our of respect for author privacy, The Book Report Network will not release the email or home address of any authors. If you would like to contact an author, we suggest that you start by searching to see if the author has a website. You can do this by going to to search for information about an author website.

If you cannot find contact information on the Internet, we suggest that you write the author in care of his or her publisher. That address can be found in the front of the author's book. Publicity departments forward mail to authors. Here is a sample of how to address your letter:

Patrick Carman 
c/o Scholastic Inc. 
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012


I would like to review books for How can I become a reviewer?

At this time we are not looking for reviewers. 

Can you send me or my school free books? receives books from publishers for us to write reviews. We do not have books to send to our readers unless we are running a special contest.

Can you tell me more about the books in my favorite series?

Many readers like to read series books. has created a great feature with information about more than 450 series:

How do I identify this website if I use it for a research paper?

Although is not a scholarly journal, it is one of the most respected book sites on the Internet. If your school allows you to use sites from the Web, feel free to cite in your bibliography using this format:

(c) Copyright -- The year listed on the feature or review -- Name of Article, Name of Website, The Book Report Network, New York, New York. Here is an example:

(c) Copyright 2019, Series Book Feature,, The Book Report Network, New York, New York.


May I link my website to

Readers telling readers about has been the way we have built our website. We would love you to link to us. 

I’d like to request permission to use an interview or a review from What should I do? 

You can send your permissions requests to Tom Donadio at Please specify the exact content you’d like to reprint, as well as all the pertinent details about your publication.


Who owns The Book Report Network?

The Book Report Network is a privately held corporation located in New York City. The Company was founded in 1996.