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As Teen Board member Yaira M. writes in her National Picture Book Month blog post, one of the most important things that a picture book can do is remind readers that they are “important and a part of the world” and each have a “story that could be told.”  Yaira felt this way when she read THE SNOWY DAY by Ezra Jack Keats, which not only had wonderful images but also featured characters that looked like her.
One of the most interesting things about picture books is the amount of thought that goes into the illustrations. The central theme or message of the book can influence everything about an image, including the style, size, color and even medium. Below, Marcus Pfister (whose picture book THE RAINBOW FISH was the subject of my first ever book report) talks about his latest book, THE LITTLE MOON RAVEN in honor of National Picture Book Week.  
In honor of National Picture Book Month, Teen Board member Mary M. remembers why Jan Brett’s FRITZ AND THE BEATIFUL HORSES was so special to her as a child and remains so to this day.        
Louis Fellini, the feline star of Daniel Wallace's new picture book THE CAT'S PAJAMAS, wears clothes, works in a city, goes on picnics...and is based on a real cat --- Mister, the Abyssinian Daniel owned when he was 24 years old. Mister didn't necessarily wear shoes himself, but he still was pretty special. Read more about him in Daniel's guest blog post for National Picture Book Month.    
Do you remember the first book you ever read by yourself? and reviewer Matthew Burbridge does, and talks about it in his National Picture Book Month post, below!
Every kid dreads bedtime, but sometimes a great book is all it takes to make it tolerable. For Teen Board member Sara J., that book was I HATE BEDTIME by Dave Billman. Read her post about it below, as part of our National Picture Book Month feature!      
Sometimes, people pick their favorite children's books not just becuase of the words and illustrations, but because of the things they associate with them. That's part of the reason and Corinne Fox likes DR. SEUSS'S SLEEP BOOK by Dr. Seuss, anyway --- it made her feel cozy and warm before bedtime. Read her full National Picture Book Month post, below.
Greenwillow Books is famous for publishing many beloved children’s books since 1974, including picture books aplenty. In honor of National Picture Book Month, Greenwillow vice president and publisher Virginia Duncan talks about why she loves her job, and about a new book she’s particularly excited about working on: RED: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall.  
One of the most celebrated picture books of all time is THE GIVING TREE by Shel Silverstein. However, people have very different perceptions about what makes it so special, and how one's opinion about the book changes as they grow older. 
Matthew Cordell has drawn winter days in TOBY AND THE SNOWFLAKES and fun footwear in RIGHTY AND LEFTY, but 2015 seems to have a very particular theme. Read Matthew's National Picture Book Month post below to learn what it is, and get a sneak peek at his upcoming projects!