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Here at Kidsreads, we love exploring books in different formats. As much as we love reading physical copies of books, sometimes it can be really fun to hear your favorite stories read aloud --- especially when famous actors and actresses are reading them! In this post, author Alane Adams talks about meeting Disney star Karan Brar and how the two joined forces to record the audio version of her book, RED SUN.
September 6, 2016

A Dahl-ightful Month with Roald Dahl --- Trivia and Fun Facts

Posted by Rebecca M
This September marks the 100th birthday of beloved author Roald Dahl. Dahl brought us masterpieces like CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, THE BFG and our favorite bookworm, MATILDA --- all while teaching us the importance of creativity and imagination. In celebration of Dahl, we'll be posting some gloriumptious blog posts every Tuesday of September to share with all of you Dahlphiles --- who are fluent in gobblefunk. To start, we're sharing some fun facts about Dahl and his most popular books. Be sure to check back next week for another Dahl-ightful post and, in the meantime, click here to head over to Roald Dahl's official website, where you can learn about upcoming celebrations and events across the country. We're so excited to invite you all into the frothbuggling, whoopsy wiffling, and jumpsquiffling world of Roald Dahl!
Part of the fun of being a kid is the wild imagination that comes along with being young. After all, why shouldn't you make the most of every moment when there could be a monster under your bed or a witch living in the spooky house just down the street? Although he's technically a grown-up, actor, storyteller and author David Neilsen has no trouble remembering the delicious fear that so many of us felt when we were young. In his book, DR. FELL AND THE PLAYGROUND OF DOOM, Neilsen invites us to Hardscrabble Street, where a mysterious old man has just moved in to the town's creepiest, funnest house. Now, it is up to three precocious kids to figure out Dr. Fell's true intentions for their neighborhood --- no matter how scary his old house may be. In celebration of the release of DR. FELL AND THE PLAYGROUND OF DOOM, we're participating in a blog tour along with several other middle grade book review sites. In this post, Neilsen describes his inspiration for Dr. Fell and his mysterious home.
Whether you're a feline fan or a Broadway fanatic, it's probably safe to assume that you've heard of "Cats," the hit musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. What you may not know, however, is that the play is actually based on OLD POSSUM'S BOOK OF PRACTICAL CATS, a collection of poems by T. S. Eliot. One of the most popular poems focused on Macavity, a mysterious cat who has been given new life in MACAVITY, a new picture book with illustrations by Arthur Robins. In this post, Robins shares some sneak peeks of the book and discusses how he came to illustrate MACAVITY and what his process was like.
July 7, 2016


Posted by Rebecca M
When young Martha gets a moose in the mail, she can't believe how exciting her life becomes! But if one moose is this much fun, she wonders, how much fun would two, three, or even ten moose be?  In this hilarious, exciting book, Martha learns that you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing --- even if that thing is a marvelous moose.  In celebration of the release of TOO MANY MOOSE by Lisa M. Bakos, illustrator Mark Chambers has created this exciting book trailer. Get ready to laugh out loud!
April 22, 2016

Cover Reveal --- NANOBOTS by Chris Gall

Posted by Rebecca M
Author Chris Gall is well-known for Dinotrux, his hit series featuring characters which are part-prehistoric monster and part-construction vehicle. This August, he'll be introducing NANOBOTS, the first book of his new series, which presents a similarly wacky contradiction --- extremely powerful robots smaller than the tip of your pencil! We at Kidsreads are beyond excited for his latest work and are thrilled to share the cover below!
As far as inspirations are concerned, Sophie Cleverly was lucky enough to have an abundance of likeable and not so likeable characters to draw ideas from for her new book THE LOST TWIN. In this post, Murphy explores a list of her favorite childhood reads and characters that were always in the forefront of her mind while crafting this baffling mystery. From classics like MATILDA to the not so well known novels like MOONDIAL, Cleverly examines the dynamics of every influential villain and protagonist that lead her to Scarlet and Ivy. 
Most children are easily mesmerized by shiny new cars and toys, but for Chris Gall, the creator of the Dinotrux series, it was never about the finished product. From television remotes to tonka trucks, Gall was always more interested in disassembling the parts that made up a whole. Discovering the intricacies and mechanics of each and every pulley or wheel was vital to building something great. In this post, Gall explains however fantastical his collaberation of trucks and dinosaurs may seem, there is something masterful in building unconventionally. 
When it comes to getting feedback for their writing, authors usually go to an editor, another writer or a friend. But author Nancy Cavanaugh has the perfect reader in the form of her middle schooler daughter. In this post, Cavanaugh explains how her daughter unknowingly helped her write her new book, JUST LIKE ME --- and maybe even served as inspiration.
In this exclusive story, author Jen Calonita explores the history of Madame Cleo and how she came to Fairy Tale Reform.  For more information about Fairy Tale Reform and the rest of Jen Calonita's exciting characters, be sure to check out CHARMED, the second book in the Fairy Tale Reform School series.