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Archives - April 2017

We love a good binge-worthy series, especially when it combines fierce, brave characters with an original setting and plenty of edge-of-your-seat excitement. Luckily for us, The Books of Ore series covers each of these conditions and so much more. In this imaginative series, readers meet spoiled heiress Phoebe Plumm and her servant boy, Micah Tanner, both of whom live in a highly technologically advanced world called Meridian. When Phoebe's father is kidnapped, however, Phoebe and Micah learn that the technologies they enjoy every day are, in fact, harvested from the beautiful world of Mehk against the will of its inhabitants. Determined to make things right, the two join with the rebellious mehkans against the powerful forces of The Foundry, a massive corporation that controls all metal production, only to realize that the the worlds' fates are deeply entwined. Below, you can learn more about the series and the third book, BLAZE OF EMBERS, from authors Cam Baity and Benny Zelkowicz, the dynamic team behind The Books of Ore. Read on to learn where they got their inspiration for their books, what they like most about co-writing, and what they're each working on next.
In this interview with Pseudonymous Bosch, the author discusses his Bad Books series, which began with BAD MAGIC and was followed by BAD LUCK last year.  This year, Bosch returns with BAD NEWS and, more importantly, dragons!  So, does Pseudonymous actually believe in dragons?  You'll have to watch below to find out!