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Archives - August 2016

Part of the fun of being a kid is the wild imagination that comes along with being young. After all, why shouldn't you make the most of every moment when there could be a monster under your bed or a witch living in the spooky house just down the street? Although he's technically a grown-up, actor, storyteller and author David Neilsen has no trouble remembering the delicious fear that so many of us felt when we were young. In his book, DR. FELL AND THE PLAYGROUND OF DOOM, Neilsen invites us to Hardscrabble Street, where a mysterious old man has just moved in to the town's creepiest, funnest house. Now, it is up to three precocious kids to figure out Dr. Fell's true intentions for their neighborhood --- no matter how scary his old house may be. In celebration of the release of DR. FELL AND THE PLAYGROUND OF DOOM, we're participating in a blog tour along with several other middle grade book review sites. In this post, Neilsen describes his inspiration for Dr. Fell and his mysterious home.