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Archives - July 2016

Whether you're a feline fan or a Broadway fanatic, it's probably safe to assume that you've heard of "Cats," the hit musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. What you may not know, however, is that the play is actually based on OLD POSSUM'S BOOK OF PRACTICAL CATS, a collection of poems by T. S. Eliot. One of the most popular poems focused on Macavity, a mysterious cat who has been given new life in MACAVITY, a new picture book with illustrations by Arthur Robins. In this post, Robins shares some sneak peeks of the book and discusses how he came to illustrate MACAVITY and what his process was like.
July 7, 2016


Posted by Rebecca M
When young Martha gets a moose in the mail, she can't believe how exciting her life becomes! But if one moose is this much fun, she wonders, how much fun would two, three, or even ten moose be?  In this hilarious, exciting book, Martha learns that you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing --- even if that thing is a marvelous moose.  In celebration of the release of TOO MANY MOOSE by Lisa M. Bakos, illustrator Mark Chambers has created this exciting book trailer. Get ready to laugh out loud!