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Archives - October 2015

October 19, 2015


Posted by Shara
Sure, being exceptional is great --- you're the best artist in your class or the star player on your basketball team. But as it turns out, being utterly mediocre --- even forgettable --- has its perks too, especially when you're a spy. We're so excited to premiere this awesome video about THE LEAGUE OF UNEXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN, a the first book in a hilarious new series by Gitty Daneshvari. Check it out below, and then be sure to grab the book, which is on sale tomorrow!
October 13, 2015

COVER REVEAL! Mother Goose’s Pajama Party

Posted by Shara
You might love slumber parties at your best firend's house, but image what a slumber party at Mother Goose's house would be like! You'd get to eat cookie dough with Miss Muffet, watch a movie with Little Bo-Peep and, of course, listen to Mother Goose tell her unforgettable nursery rhymes.  
Authors have to do all kinds of research for their books --- maybe they have to travel to faraway places like India or the Netherlands, or maybe they have to go to special library archives to read through primary documents from the Civil War. What’s another helpful tool, though, no matter what authors write about? Reading OTHER middle grade books. Seriously, though --- you can realize what makes a book great (or not-so-great) and use those skills to make your own book even better. Below, SUPER FREAK author Vanessa Barger takes us through some of her own favorite middle grade novels and series. Be sure to check them out --- as well as her story (which follows a 13-year-old, very non-magical girl in a town full of supernaturals as she tries to figure out the secret behind her very creepy house).
Many authors are very observant and mine ideas from the smallest details --- a snatch of conversation overheard on the bus, a woman with a three-foot-tall hat on a park bench. But as it turns out, authors can by inspired be moments even when they’re asleep. Kenneth Oppel is one such author. As he explains below, he has always had vivid dreams (and nightmares), some of which contributed directly to plot points in his novels. With his newest book, THE NEST, however, it wasn’t the content that drove the story… it was the idea of vivid dreams, themselves. Find out more, below, and be sure to check out the book!