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Archives - September 2015

When Charles Curtis was a kid, he spent hours in front of the TV, watching sports games. It might sound like a waste of time to you, but Charles would beg to differ --- his early obsession with athletics helped him become a sports writer and, now, the author of the football-themed middle grade novel STRANGE COUNTRY DAY.
September 9, 2015

Who Can See Magic? - Guest Post by Adam Shaughnessy

Posted by Shara
All authors whose stories are tinged with magic face a similar decision --- how do you decide which characters can see the magic and which can’t, and why? When writing his debut novel THE ENTIRELY TRUE STORY OF THE UNBELIEVABLE FIB, Adam Shaughnessy was no exception; he had to figure out which characters could see the Mythics --- characters from myths that can occasionally visit our world --- and make it logical, meaningful and interesting. Find out his process --- and his final decision --- in his blog post below!   
Most authors bring other parts of their lives into their books. If an author is also a cartoonist, they'll scribble drawings throughout their story. If they're a scientist, their novel might be infused with facts about black holes. And, if they're an actor, like Eric Pierpoint, they'll make their book a cinematic experience. What does that mean, exactly? According to Eric, it's a way to make books have all of the emotion, action and suspense of movies. Read his blog post below, and he'll explain how he does it in THE LAST RIDE OF CALEB O'TOOLE and in his newest book, THE SECRET MISSION OF WILLIAM TUCK!