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Archives - May 2015

A lot of people advise that you should “write what you know” --- if you grew up in New York City, set your story in Harlem or Park Slope. If both of your parents were doctors, fill your tale with medical jargon. And if you’re a male, write from the perspective of a boy or man. Author Robert Sharenow, however, would beg to differ --- his new novel THE GIRL IN THE TORCH is not the first, but the second novel he wrote featuring a female protagonist. In the blog post below, he tells us why he decided to write distinctly what he doesn’t know.  
Below, picture book author and illustrator Elise Parsley gives some great advice on what to bring (and not to bring) for your class's next show-and-tell...AND debuts the trailer for her  picture book IF YOU EVER WANT TO BRING AN ALLIGATOR TO SCHOOL, DON'T!, out July 7th!