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May 2, 2017

Meet the Villains of the Nocturnals World --- Guest Post by Tracey Hecht Author of THE FALLEN STAR


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the...fiercest of them all? Today on the Kidsreads blog, we're taking a closer look at one of our favorite series: The Nocturnals, written by Tracey Hecht. In this fun, critically acclaimed middle grade series, three unlikely friends --- Dawn, a serious fox; Tobin, a sweet pangolin; and Bismark, the loud-mouthed sugar glider --- band together to solve the unpredictable mysteries of the night as the Nocturnal Brigade. In the third book, THE FALLEN STAR, which is now in stores, Dawn, Tobin and Bismark learn that all of the forest's pomelos have been poisoned! As the team sets out to investigate, they encounter a mysterious aye-aye named Iris, who claims monsters from the moon are to blame. But is Iris friend or foe? In celebration of the release of the third Nocturnals book, sugar glider Bismark stopped by our blog to interview the scariest villains of the forest and determine who is the fiercest.

The Fiercest of Them All: Three Villains Defend Their Title

Inquiring readers want to know who’s the meanest, scariest, most devious villain of The Nocturnals world, and we have three of the fiercest --- Boris, the crocodile; Polyphema, the tuatara; and Iris, the aye-aye --- all ready to defend their title! Today’s host? Bismark the sugar glider!

Bismark: Yes, truly I am the most impressive maestro to be had. It’s a pleasure, a delight, an absolute honor for you to have me here today. Coming into the center of the ring is the first formidable Nocturnals foe, Boris, the crocodile, from The Mysterious Abductions. Well Boris, what makes you so mean? So scary? So fierce?!
Boris: I’m a giant crocodile! I’m ten feet long and covered with mud-colored scales and rows of jagged spikes. I’m the leader of a whole gang of fearsome crocs. We take animals from the forest and bend them to our will. No one is safe from our crocodile games!

Bismark: Abduct animals? Bend them to your will? Why?

Boris: Why, you ask? Bah! How else will I convince other animals to hang out with me? Ever since the poachers took my family away…I need to kidnap creatures, or else no one will ever play this awesome hockey game we crocodiles invented!

Bismark: Hmm, sounds like Boris here needs a lesson in how to make new friends. Now, next in the ring, let’s hear it for Polyphema, the tuatara, from The Ominous Eye. Poly-poo, what makes you the fiercest of the fierce?

Polyphema: Well, children, let me tell you. I am a tuatara, a reptile with short sharp spikes and a long, studded tail. But what really makes me fierce is my all-seeing third eye. I see everyone. I see the past, the present, the future. I see all with the power of my third eye.

And what do I see now? I see DESTRUCTION to come. I see doom! All this evil, unless we banish the birds.

Bismark: Banish the birds? Impossible! Disastrous! Absolutely incomprehensible! But why?

Polyphema: Silly sugar glider. So that I can protect my eggs, of course. I am a descendent of the dinosaurs! My hatchlings are the last of our kind! How else can I be sure our species continues!?

Bismark: Bah! Poly-poo, you could use help making a truce with the birds. But just remember, while I may soar gloriously through the sky with my impressive flaps, I’m no bird! In the meantime, here comes our final contender --- Iris, the aye-aye from The Fallen Star. Eek! It’s, uh, good to see you again Iris. What makes you so scary?

Iris: Hehehehe. Aye-Aye Iris knows a secret spell. Aye-Aye Iris has brought down monsters from the moon. Aye-Aye Iris has brought down poison that will destroy us all. You may have never heard or seen Aye-Aye Iris before, but ignore me at your own peril, sugar glider.

Bismark: Mon dieu! Monsters? Poison? Spells? How could you?

Iris: No one listens to Aye-Aye Iris. Maybe once you’re sick you’ll listen to her after all. She has the secret cure. Then you’ll need her! Then you’ll be her friend!

Bismark: It seems Iris could use a lesson in socializing. And in grooming. Well, mes amis, there you have it. My job here is done, and now it’s up to you to decide! Who is the meanest, scariest, fiercest villain of them all?