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September 27, 2016

Our Dahl-icious Delights Adventure

This September marks the 100th birthday of beloved author Roald Dahl. Dahl brought us masterpieces like CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, THE BFG and our favorite bookworm, MATILDA --- all while teaching us the importance of creativity and imagination. In celebration of Dahl, we've been posting some gloriumptious blog posts every Tuesday of September to share with all of you Dahlphiles --- who are fluent in gobblefunk. For our first week, we started by sharing some fun facts about Dahl and his most popular books. For the second week, we decided to wish a gloriumptious birthday to the world's best storyteller himself by asking our Kidsreads reviewers and readers to tell us some of their favorite things about Roald Dahl. Last week, we let Dahl take over to tell us about himself in his own words, using excerpts from MORE ABOUT BOY, the follow up to Dahl's autobiography, BOY. This week, we decided to send our Kidsreads interns Amanda and Dana all over Manhattan on a taste-testing tour of soem Dahl-inspired treats. Read below to her more about their adventure --- and be prepared to hear your tummy growl at their beautiful photos. Thanks so much for celebrating this month with us! If you're not ready to stop partying, click here to head over to Roald Dahl's official website, where you can learn about upcoming celebrations and events across the country.

Kidsreads interns Amanda and Dana went on a Dahl-icious adventure around NYC yesterday to try as many of the Roald Dahl 100 treats that they could. They had Roald Dahl-themed doughnuts, ice cream and cupcakes. These native New Yorkers got the chance to try new foods and shops as well as explore the city! Let’s celebrate Roald Dahl and find out about Amanda and Dana’s dessert tasting adventures.

Our first stop was the Gotham Market location for Ample Hills Creamery, but sadly they didn’t have any Roald Dahl themed ice cream left. People thought we were so strange for taking pictures of the sign outside.The big downside of them not having the ice cream was the fact that we walked several avenues and blocks out of the way, walking avenues are the bane of my existence. But Gotham Market is a great place for foodies to check out (especially any of you attending Book Riot Live this year), our very own Editorial Coordinator Rebecca highly recommends it!
Then we traveled a ways downtown to Doughnut Plant to try their JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH doughnut. Doughnut Plant is the cutest shop ever with their decorations of doughnuts on the walls and their doughnut themed benches. The doughnuts were adorably tiny. I was surprised that I didn’t mind the peach flavor and the sugar crystals on top added an unexpected crunch. We also tried the Apple Cinnamon and the Vanilla Bean, which were really great!

The doughnuts themselves tasted very fresh. I somehow ended up with a free iced latte so I extra love this shop now. We looked like those people --- instagramming everything --- but it was so much fun! If you’re ever in NYC this place is a must!

Our next stop was to the Highline by Chelsea Market to finally get the chance to taste Ample Hills’ FANTASTIC MR. FOX ice cream, we even called ahead to make sure they still had it at this location! Firstly, this area by Chelsea Market and the Highline was so cute, we were wondering why we had never been over there before. It was a perfect place for people to explore. Ample Hills Creamery was wonderfully decorated inside and out. The inside was decorated like an ice cream bar while the outside kept with the name of the company. It was covered in green bushes and grass that made it look like actual hills. I --- Amanda --- particularly loved the dedication to the decorations. We had the FANTASTIC MR. FOX ice cream --- which was a cider and caramel flavored vanilla ice cream with bits of molasses cookies in it --- and the coffee flavor, because we were sharing a large which can hold four different flavors and we needed to think we were refueling on caffeine. 

Also, we sampled the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton flavors as well, apt for being the same day as the first presidential debate. The FANTASTIC MR. FOX  ice cream was definitely my --- Dana’s --- favorite and Amanda was in love with the coffee ice cream. It reminded us of Cold Stone Ice Cream! We will definitely be hitting up Ample Hills again in the future!

We did take some bookstagram breaks along the way! So staytune
d to our instagram --- @Teenreadsdotcom --- for some of the bookish pictures we took around NYC!
The last stop on our Dahl-icious Delights adventure was to Baked NYC to try the Miss Lavender’s cupcake inspired by MATILDA. A vanilla cupcake with a berry filling, lavender icing with chocolate shavings on top, this cupcake was totally instagram worthy! This shop was super quaint and a place we both would have loved to spend more time at, but by the time we got there we were pretty exhausted and wanted to get our cupcakes and run.

The girl behind the counter was super sweet and recommended us some flavors to take back to the office! We can report back that everyone fell in love with the buttercream frosting on the cupcakes. They even had Roald Dahl bookmarks that we grabbed on our way out! This was a really great way to remember this day as well as really celebrate the many books that were not made into treats.


It wouldn’t have been fair for us to have all the fun, so we made sure to return to the Teenreads headquarters with cupcakes for the office to share. Rebecca immediately swooped down on the Miss Lavender cupcake --- without even realizing she had selected the one Dahl-inspired treat we brought back! She said it was super yummy, but the best part was definitely the purple icing, which made her feel like a kid all over again.

We had a sugar and Dahl filled afternoon, which was a blast!