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April 2, 2015

Interview with Octavia Spencer: What’s it like to record an audiobook?


You're probably quite familiar with Octavia Spencer, who won an Academy Award for her role as Minny Jackson in The Help in 2012 and has been in everything from Insurgent to "30 Rock." Well, it turns out she's adding something else to her impressive repetroire --- she's the narrator of the audiobook RANDI RHODES, NINJA DETECTIVE: The Sweetest Heist in History, which came out on March 31st! This is the second book in the Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective series that Octavia herself wrote, which follows a kick butt girl and her best friend, D.C., who use their ninja and sleuthing skills to solve mysteries both in and out of their small town.

The producer of the audiobook, Ben, interviewed Octavia while she was in the studio recording the audiobook in February, and we were lucky enough to get an excerpt of the interview, as well as an excerpt of the book itself! Click the YouTube video below to hear a clip of the interview --- Octavia reveals how she prepared for the recording session, her favorite scenes to narrate and just how   hard it is to create different character voices. 

In the SoundCloud clip before that, you can actually hear a piece of the audiobook of RANDI RHODES, NINJA DETECTIVE. 



Interview excerpt:



The audiobook excerpt: