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March 4, 2015

Interview with the Evil Queen of Snow White’s Worst Nightmares --- Guest Post by Jen Calonita


We love interviewing authors on, but sometimes, interviewing characters is even more fun! We asked Jen Calonita --- author of FLUNKED, the first book in the Fairy Tale Reform School series about a school where all of the professors are former villains --- to interview one of the super-scary teachers from the story. See their exchange, below!

Hi! I’m author Jen Calonita and I’m thrilled to be able to interview one of the characters from my new book FLUNKED (book one in the Fairy Tale Reform School series). Lets give a warm welcome to Professor Harlow, better known as the Evil Queen of Snow White’s nightmares. (I clap wildly.)

EVIL QUEEN: What are you doing?

JEN: I’m applauding you. This is so exciting, don’t you think? Not many villain characters would be willing to take the hot seat with their book’s author.

EVIL QUEEN: Well, stop that vile clapping this instant. It is hurting Aldo’s ears. (EQ’s bird takes a nose dive at my head before landing on her shoulder.). And stop that dreadful smiling. What fool would say they’re thrilled to interview the Evil Queen?

JEN: I would! You’re one of the most fun characters in my first middle grade novel.

EVIL QUEEN: (Laughs menacingly) Darling, don’t use the word fun. (Her smile fades and her eyes flash green.) Use menacing. Youthful beauty. The most fearsome psychologist the students of Fairy Tale Reform School have ever seen.

JEN: (Taking notes) I think I use all of those words in the book. (I frown). Except maybe youthful beauty. (Aldo nose dives at my head and pecks me this time.) Ouch!

EVIL QUEEN: Now, now, Aldo, just because the darling girl is jealous of my looks is no reason to peck her. Jennifer, how long have you been envious of royal beauty?

JEN: I wouldn’t say I’m envious of royal beauty at all. I like writing about princesses, and how much my character Gilly, who is a pickpocket, can’t stand them, but I’ve certainly never been jealous of their beauty.

EVIL QUEEN: Are you sure, darling? I wouldn’t blame you if you were jealous. Being as short as a mouse like you are with that pale white skin….dreadful. Alas, it’s a cross you’ll have to bear. Not everyone can look like me.

JEN: Er, right.

EVIL QUEEN: Right? Well, don’t just sit there. Aren’t you supposed to ask me something substantial or am I supposed to do all the work myself? (Mumbles to Aldo) I swear, authors these days. They expect others to do all the work for them!

JEN: I have a question! I was wondering how a villain as fearsome as yourself ---

EVIL QUEEN: And beautiful. Don’t forget beautiful.

JEN: (Growing flustered) I was wondering how a villain as fearsome and beautiful as yourself reformed herself enough that you could teach other wayward fairy tale students to do the same?

EVIL QUEEN: I don’t reveal my secrets of transformation to anyone, darling. All you need to know is that I’m here at FTRS to teach. My methods might be what some would consider unconventional, but I get the job done. I help students see themselves for the weaklings they really are. Then it’s the other professors’ jobs to build them back up. (She shudders.) I can’t be bothered with that part.

JEN: Can you tell the KidsReads readers why they would enjoy FLUNKED?

EVIL QUEEN: Darling, these questions are really absurd! Why would I tell readers why they should read a book? If they are smart little darlings then they’ll realize any book that includes the Evil Queen is one worth reading indeed.

Jen Calonita is the author of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series and other books like SLEEPAWAY GIRLS and SUMMER STATE OF MIND, but Fairy Tale Reform School is her first middle grade series. She rules Long Island, New York with husband Mike, princes Tyler and Dylan, and Chihuahua Captain Jack Sparrow, but the only castle she’d ever want to live in is Cinderella’s at Disney World. She’d love for you to drop her a line at or keep the fairy tale going at