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July 27, 2014

Merchandise for Muggles

Posted by Shara
The Harry Potter series is filled with awesome objects --- there are magic wands, delicious candies, flying brooms and a slew of interesting pets. Not to worry though ---  you can pick up some great Muggle versions, too! Here is a roundup of some fun Harry Potter merchandise for us wannabe wizards:

- You're going to need a wand if you want to go to Hogwarts


- How about a house tie for your uniform?


- It gets chilly at Hogwarts. Better pack a scarf!



- If you're planning on sneaking out after dark, pack the Marauder's Map




- Need to know what house you belong in? Pick up a Sorting Hat


- Plan to try out for Quidditch? Pack your broom


- Can't forget Hedwig!