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July 22, 2014

Our Favorite Magical Creatures

Posted by Shara

Yes, the Harry Potter series is filled with plenty of witches and wizards, but the books wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t filled to the brim with original, goofy, frightening, majestic and powerful creatures, monsters and animals! Here is a list of some of our favorites.




Owls: Though owls can be found in the real world, these beautiful creatures are responsible for all the mail service in the Wizarding World, and that’s pretty cool. Whether barn or tawny or snowy like our beloved Hedwig (Harry’s pet), owls are true staples of the magical world, and who knows where the wizards would be without them!

Hippogriff: Half lion, half eagle, hippogriffs are magnificent beasts with powerful wings. Buckbeak --- the hippogriff who belongs to the Hogwarts groundskeeper, Hagrid --- helps Harry and Hermione break Sirius out of prison to escape the Dementors in Prisoner of Azkaban. These creatures highly value mutual respect between themselves and their caretakers/riders, so when you first meet a hippogriff, you must bow to it. Only it bows back are you allowed to pet it and ride it.


House elves: These small domesticated creatures are often in service positions (which leads Hermione to stage a protest against their servitude in Goblet of Fire). The most well known is the meddling but well-meaning, lovable Dobby, who loyally stays by Harry Potter til the very end. Though many of the other house elves in the books were cut from the film, Dobby stands as a great example for the big personalities of house elves, and their even bigger hearts.

Basilisk: Now on to the scary ones. This vicious creature lives in the Chamber of Secrets in the eponymous second book. One direct look into its eyes is lethal, but many students escape the basilik by always seeing it through some kind of reflection (a camera, a mirror, etc).

Mandrakes: Though these don’t show up as much as the others on this list, mandrakes are infamous for their shrieking, piercing cries that deafen those around them if they do not take precaution. They’re basically small humanoid creatures that live in pots of dirt with sprouts on their heads, and they’re an instrumental part of many antidotes. Creepy, but fascinating.