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Xavier Bonet


Xavier Bonet

Xavier Bonet (1979), illustrator and comic-book artist established in Sant Boi (Barcelona). Working for one of the leading children's illustration agencies in the world, Plum Pudding Illustration Agency.

Currently focused on the world of illustration and comics. From my study, I create works full of colors, textures and sensations, blending both traditional and digital tools, always putting my own stamp on them.

Linked to the world of children's and youth literature, I try to create my works with magic, fantasy, but above all, with passion. 

Xavier Bonet

Books by Xavier Bonet

written by James Patterson with illustrations by Xavier Bonet and contributions from Duane Swierczynski - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Technology

Invisible creatures are attacking the school, and 12-year-old Bartholomew Bean is the only one who can stop them! Okay, so maybe Bart is only a hero in the video game app he created. But if he reveals his identity as the genius behind the game, he'll become the most popular kid in school! Or he could secretly use the game to get back at his bullies...Press Button A: Reveal or Press Button B: Revenge. Which would you choose?