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Wen Jane Baragrey


Wen Jane Baragrey

Wen Jane Baragrey has a reputation as a teller of grand tales --- otherwise known as fibs --- and felt that writing books would put these skills to best use. In the past she has worked as an artist, been a lighting tech for a band and appeared on television; all of these claims are more or less true. She lives on a farm in New Zealand, where she is surrounded by children, volcanoes, five German shepherds and too many goats. (Don't even get her started on the goats.)

Visit her online at, on Facebook at, or on Twitter at @WenBaragrey.

Wen Jane Baragrey

Books by Wen Jane Baragrey

by Wen Jane Baragrey - Adventure, Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction, Youth Fiction

Robyn Tinkerbell Goodfellow has a target on her roof. Well, not a real one, but everything seems to land there: paper airplanes, lost kites, socks, cats and once even a skydiver!  Now a rogue NASA satellite is falling out of orbit and is going to hit Earth. NASA says it will probably land in the ocean, but Robyn knows better --- that satellite is headed for her roof. To make matters worse, when Robyn's class reads A Midsummer Night's Dream, she learns that Robin Goodfellow is a fairy! If the satellite flattens her, everyone will laugh at her name in the news stories. Robyn realizes what she needs to do: find her long-lost dad so he can help her change her name and protect her from the satellite!