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Tania Unsworth


Tania Unsworth

TANIA UNSWORTH, the daughter of the late Barry Unsworth, spent her childhood in Cambridge, UK. She currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with her husband and two sons. This is her first book for young readers.

Tania Unsworth

Books by Tania Unsworth

by Tania Unsworth - Children's 10-14, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery

Daisy Fitzjohn knows there are two worlds: the outside world and the world of Brightwood Hall, her home --- and the only place she’s ever been. When Daisy’s mother leaves one morning, a strange visitor arrives on the estate, claiming to be a distant cousin, James Gritting. But as the days tick by and Daisy’s mother doesn’t return, Gritting becomes more and more menacing. He wants Brightwood for himself, and he will do anything to get it, unless Daisy, with only her imaginary companions to help her, can stop him.

by Tania Unsworth - Children's, Dystopian, Dystopian Fiction

Devin doesn’t remember life before the world got hot; he has grown up farming the scorched earth with his grandfather in their remote valley. When his grandfather dies, Devin heads for the city. Once there, among the stark glass buildings, he finds scores of children, just like him, living alone on the streets. They tell him rumors of a place for abandoned children, with unlimited food and toys and the hope of finding a new family. But only the luckiest get there.

An act of kindness earns Devin an invitation to the home, but it’s soon clear that it’s no paradise. As Devin investigates the intimidating administrator and the zombie-like sickness that afflicts some children, he discovers the home’s horrific true mission. The only real hope is escape, but the place is as secure as a fortress.