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Sue Stauffacher


Sue Stauffacher

Sue Stauffacher is a professional journalist and has been writing a children's book review column for ten years. The author lives in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sue Stauffacher

Books by Sue Stauffacher

by Sue Stauffacher - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Social Issues, Youth Fiction

One morning 10-year-old Thomas's mother tells him about a dream she had about taking a trip by herself --- which is odd because lately his mother has been too depressed to even leave the house. But when Thomas gets home from school, she's gone. The police search everywhere, and although they find her car, they can't find her. Thomas's neighbor helps him cope with his anxiety by having him think up a fantasy about where she might have gone. As time passes, Thomas takes charge of the story sending his mother on a quest in the astral plane. With the help of this narrative journey, his family and his friends, Thomas begins to realize that even if his mother never comes back, he can still hold a place for her in his heart and mind.

by Sue Stauffacher - Youth Fiction

Eleven-year-old Cassidy has just inherited a gift from her late great-grandmother. Unfortunately, that “gift” turns out to be a summer trapped in etiquette school. What good are manners, anyway, for a girl who dreams of living life on the road as a hobo --- er, “knight of the road?" Not even her classic epic pranks seem to be saving Cassidy from having her worst summer ever. It’s time to face facts: growing up stinks.